One of Sarawak’s treasures… Birdnest, one of the world’s most luxurious health food, which was only consumed by Chinese Emperors in ancient times… It is largely imported from regions in Southeast Asia, the only climate suitable to breed the swiftlets (that produce birdnests) in which includes SARAWAK.


Functions of the Bird’s Nest Pregnant Women - It’s an excellent source of calcium and protein, consumption of bird’s nest during pregnancy will improve immune systems of the fetus and the mothers will be able to recover easily after giving birth. Helps to dissolve phlegm, strengthens the lungs and liver and also improve metabolism. Ladies - It enhances the quality of our cells by stimulating new cells and at the same time strengthens the body immune system. Frequent consumption can promote youthful smooth complexion and healthier skin tone.


Men - It helps to strengthen the lungs and kidneys, and improve the overall well being and health. Elderly - It helps to clear phlegm, strengthens the lungs and kidneys, improves our digestive and immune system, which are essential to improve health among the elderly. Children - An excellent source of nourishment for growth and development and improves the child’s immune system.



1、 补肺养阴、止肺虚性咳嗽、减少肺气病变。包括肺阴虚之哮喘、气促、久咳、痰中带血、咯血、支气管炎、出汗、低潮热。

2、 补虚养胃、止胃寒性、呕吐。胃阴虚引起之反胃、干呕、肠鸣声。

3、 凡病后虚弱、痨伤、中气亏损各症,配合燕窝作食,能滋阴调中。

4、 止汗、气虚、脾虚之多汗、小便频繁、夜尿。

5、 使人皮肤光滑、有弹性和光泽,从而减少皱纹。

6、 燕窝含多种氨基酸,婴幼儿和儿童常吃能长智慧、增加思维、抗敏感、补其先后天之不足。

7、 孕妇在妊娠期间、产前产后进食,则有安胎、补胎之效。

8、 燕窝是天然增津液的食品,并含多种氨基酸,对食道**,咽喉**、胃**、肝*、直肠**等有抑止和抗衡作用。

9、 凡经电疗、化疗而引起的后遗症,如咽干、咽痛、肿胀、便秘、声嘶、作呕等,食燕窝都有明显的改善。

10、 燕窝味甘性平、滋阴润燥,是有营养的有益食品,有保健食疗之效。

Borneo Birdnest

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