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2D1N/ 3D2N  Batang Ai Iban Longhouse


Batang Ai is one of Sarawak’s Iban heartlands with numerous communities dotted along the network of rivers that feed into the Batang Ai reservoir.  The typical dwelling for these communities is the longhouse: a village under one roof usually built adjacent to the river.  Rivers still provide the main access and the Iban in Batang Ai are expert boatmen, maneuvering their slender outboard-powered longboats through and around rapids and rocks.

Enjoy the surrounding of the longhouse and witness the local daily life. In the evening, enjoy the traditional performance and a bottle of tuak — the local rice whiskey — usually appears and you'll be expected to drink alongside your hosts. The night ends with you on a mattress under a mosquito net.

The next morning hike into the jungle, a tour of the gardens, and a chance to learn how to shoot a traditional blowpipe gun.


0800Hrs / BORNEO EXPLORATION TOURS & TRAVEL OFFICE / 2 Days 1 Night / 3 days 2 Night



Ground transportation, guided tour, entrance fee, lunch, and 1 bottle drinking water.



Personal beverage, optional tours, overweight luggage and items not stated above.


1. Good Walking / water Shoes.

2. Extra Clothing & Swim Wear.

3. Extra Water & light snacks.

4. Own medicines / First Aids Kit.

5. Small umbrella / poncho/ raincoat.

6. Light bag pack / waterproof bag.

7. Sunblock

8. Mask & Sanitizer.

9. Insect Repellant.

10. Personal belonging – I/C, Handphone, Camera & etc.


* Within 72 hours cancellation / name replacement / transfer of tour will be deemed to be a cancellation and will be charged accordingly.

* Force Majeure: Borneo Exploration does not accept any liability for any loss, inconvenience or damage caused by threat of war riot or civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural calamities, personal health issue, local authority’s regulations, technical breakdown or delay of transport beyond the reasonable control of the company.

* In the event of force majeure, Borneo Exploration reserve the right to reschedule or postpone tours after considering guest’s safety and health matters.

* All the others Terms & Conditions apply.

The itinerary can change without notice due to unavoidable circumstances beyond our control such as political unrest, natural calamities, traffic regulations, etc.

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